Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Pics!

A goofy pic.. taken by me.. heh! That's Rohan with the silly face..

Me and Taarika (aka Tee) She's so sweet and a goodie goodie

Lucy and me! (She's so chatty!)

Me, Lucy and Janine

My girlfriend and party partner!

Janine and me (She's so gorgeous and my closest friend so far)

Just thought I'd introduce my Priceline gang!

P.S. You can see why I hate my uniform right? It makes me look so dark..

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of Vodka


Alcohol and me. Interesting mix. When consumed, I laugh like silly and talk to bushes or build sandcastles. The most recent "outcome" recently however (December 23rd), was me flirting and *ahem* close dancing and *ahem* "canoodling" with a hot guy in a club.

Oh god. I think this has got to be THE most embarrassing experience of my life. The thing is, I have never ever felt so... sexual and I remember every single minute of it. And I have no excuses for this "escapade" - I knew what I was doing (I was tipsy I admit, but not too much that I couldn't have stopped myself)

And what's worse is that this guy, James Ryan, is Jenna's close friend. And also Janine's ex. Oh god. And he is cute. Smart. HOT. And I'm so so physically attracted to him.
I don't know - I just felt sexy and I thought he was sexy and the music was groovy and I just went with what I wanted.
It was just a one night "dance fling" and nothing is ever going to come out of that night. This guy is way out of my league.

It's okay though.

I don't really regret it. For one night, I felt on fire and sexy and desired a little. For one night, I was a little "promiscuous". A single girl's allowed a little fun eh?

That's okay. Right?