Thursday, October 04, 2007

Second First Impression

Just when it seems like the whole world has been so cruel and mean and has reduced me to ashes.. it restores me and like a phoenix I rise. Again.

I'm on fire and I'm me. I'm slowly breathing again. Stopped slicing, stopped starving (well a little), stopped frantic reading (for the moment), stopped bludging, stopped procrastinating.
I was still for a long time.
And now I breathe again. Fresh air.

But I'm far from being okay. It'll take a while, a long time in fact. I know - but really I'm smiling again. For the silliest of reasons.

I met someone. We collided. And it's left me wanting more. So much more. He treats me like how I've always dreamed of. Casual and posh at the same time. Passionate and Gentle. Goofy and mature. Wow.
Life really is a surprise. Just when you're swearing at it - and cursing every single male on the planet, it throws a nice decent sweet hunky guy at you just so that you can swallow your own words and take back what you said.

He was right infront of me and I never really noticed him. And never really noticed him noticing me. How blind was I?

P.S. I just can't stop kissing him.