Friday, September 28, 2007

Spiralling Down Down Down...

So it's been a really rough month. Probably the worst month I've had this year.

I didn't realise it, but I've been directing so much anger towards the people that matter most. And especially at JM. I lashed out at him so much on Wednesday and now I feel terribly guilty. I know I'm wrong. Maybe some sense has been knocked into my head (at long last) and I want to make things right. I lost track of my goals and I started seeing things that were never really there.
In my only defense.. I can only say this. I never really wanted to hurt anyone. It was never my intention. At least consiously.

So I'm now clawing my way back up.

Please forgive me JM. I never meant to direct so much anger at you, not only on Wednesday but on all other occasions.
So now I'm back with a vengence. Ready to tackle this. Ready for Round 2. Ready as I'll ever be. I'm back - if you'll still have me.