Monday, February 05, 2007

Random Weird thing about me #2

My mouth opens whenever I'm doing my eyeliner. No matter how hard I try, it's just weird for me to keep them shut.

This is funny, you think?

I love animals. Dogs Especially.

In fact, I don't think anyone else in the world could love them more than I do. Every time I see a pup or doggie, I go all "Awww..." and melt inside.

But however obssessed I am with them, I'd never dress them up. I think that's a bit too far and for the love of me, I can't understand why people would ever dress them in costumes, especially a Yoda one.

Okay.. so this one is positively adorable. I admit.
But for goodness sake, what were you thinking woman (or man, though I seriously doubt men would do such things)?