Monday, March 30, 2009

Seeing past the green

Life's a little different when you have some greens rolling in the bank. That tension from your shoulders eases away and you can breathe a soft sigh and wipe a bit of financial worries from your plate - if at least for a while.
I do appreciate and acknowledge the meaning behind it all and there is certain level of happiness you receive from it. Only a certain level though.
I don't believe that it could ever really buy you true happiness. Sure, having a new pair of shoes (check out what I'm eyeing below!) can send you into bouts of ecstasy or even that new laptop. There is a certain amount of freedom that comes with it but I would be foolish to assume that this is IT and that it is forever.

At the end of the day, I'm still left with me and true peace
and change really comes from within. I still collect vouchers and Buy-1-get-1-free coupons, I still look around for cheap bargains and I'm delighted to find a 50 cent coin in that tight corner pocket of your jeans. I really can't help it, it's ingrained within me. I'm one of those many people out there who've had to struggle and learn the value of money the hard way.
That is why I do not believe that I am lucky. Please refrain from saying such words to me - even if you are thinking it or if you are green with envy (no pun intended!).
I have bled so hard for the bling bling and precious time has been given up - I think I have paid out my dues.

So please remember me.. that I'm still that girl who's quite happy to be stomping around in her faded jeans and a casual top (ok ok.. maybe with Manolos on) and coveting that oh-so-yummy $4.95 blueberry cheese cake slice at Starbucks.

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Girl said...

Those shoes are gorgeous. I hope you get yourself something you really enjoy :)